November 19th 2014 | Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event

Ranking tables and surveys continue to highlight the strengths of Scotland’s Higher Education sector, but multiple challenges and uncertainties still lie ahead for Scotland’s Higher Education institutions.

Scotland has been particularly successful in undertaking high-impact research and pooling research resources. Meanwhile, graduates of Scottish Higher education institutes are very well prepared for the job market so that ca. 90% of them are working or studying further 6 months after graduation. 
Scottish universities are also proving very attractive to students from around the world, having some of the highest proportions of international students in the total university population in the UK.

Despite these distinctive achievements many questions remain over the future of Scotland’s Higher Education sector, including:

  • What will the “extensive new powers” for Scotland promised by Cameron, Clegg and Miliband look like and what will be their impact on tuition fees, research funding and international cooperation?
  • How will Westminster’s higher education and research policy evolve and what will be the impact on Scotland?
  • What needs to be done to keep securing resources and top talent for world-class research in times of ever-tightening budgets? 
  • Are Scottish universities prepared for increasing competition for international students? 

At Scotland's Universities 2014 Conference, the first gathering of the Scottish higher education sector after the referendum, you will have the opportunity to explore these crucial questions with experts from across the UK and Europe. In thematic workshops, delegates will discuss in detail the future challenges universities and other higher education providers will have to face in the future.